The joy of seafaring men delivered from shipwreck; the joy of a man delivered from a burning house; the joy of not being found guilty to a criminal at the bar; the joy of receiving pardon to a condemned malefactor; the joy of freedom to a prisoner of war, is nothing in comparison to the joy of him who is delivered from going down to the pit of eternal destruction. For it is a joy unspeakable and full of glory.” Chris Evans*

Take your time to imagine each of these scenarios. Enter each scene, imagine each person, think their thoughts, and feel their feelings.

Each deliverance provides a unique and exquisite thrill of joy and gladness, especially because each is a deliverance from terrible fears of horrific pains.

One dreads imminent drowning,  another being burned to death. One is terrified of prison, another of execution, still another of torture. The awful moment is just about upon them…when deliverance arrives.

Deliverance Arrives

Instead of drowning, dry land; instead of burning, comfort; instead of prison, freedom; instead of death, life; instead of the rack, a rack of lamb.

What joy, what laughter, what exhilaration, what delight, what pleasure!

But what is all that compared to the joy of being delivered from hell – a fatal combination of drowning, burning, imprisoning, dying, and tormenting. To be delivered from all that at once and forever, is indeed an indescribable and inexpressible joy.

Real Life Joy

And we don’t need to imagine that scenario to feel the joy. The scenario is real and true for every Christian.

Why not take some time today to think about the pit of eternal destruction, not to terrify you, but to happify you as you savor the redemption that is yours in Christ Jesus.

“Deliver him from going down to the pit; I have found a ransom!” (Job 33:24)

*Chris Evans, Sermons of Chris Evans, (Philadelphia: Leary and Getz Publishers, 1859), 293.

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